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Sex, Tea, and Rock N Roll Tea Bags

sex tea rock party pack

What Rock Legend would you want to sit down with for a cup of hot tea? Do you want one of the Kings of Rock and Pop, Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson? How about getting a little wild and sitting down for a sip with Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley? Maybe you prefer chilling out with cup of tea and John Lennon. You can now officially live your dreams. Just order a set of the Sex, Tea, and Rock N Roll tea bags, put on some hot water, and get ready for an adventure with music legends.

These colorful tea bags would make a great gift for any music lover or tea enthusiast. The 5 bag set sells for $14.00 making it an expensive cup of tea, but a great gift or fun for yourself. You can order the tea bags online through Amazon.

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