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Stuff-A-Burger Press

stuff-a-burger press

You claim you are the master of the backyard BBQ? You are face with two choices this summer. You can relinquish your title as master, or step up your game. The new Stuff-A-Burger Press allows you to go from ordinary burger master to gourmet master in second. Imagine taking the average grilled burger and turning it into an unforgettable taste treat for your guests.

Stuff-A-Burger help your form huge burger patties and stuff them full of your favorite goodies. Imagine a burger with a few grilled onions, green peppers, a few slices of jalapeno, and melted provolone cheese. You bite into this massive burger and encounter all of the grilled goodness stuffed inside. You can mix and match goodies to create burgers everyone loves. Consider grilled mushrooms, a variety of cheeses, veggies, and hot peppers that you can stuff your famous burgers with. You will be crowned King of the BBQ when you grab your Stuff-A-Burger for only $9.99 from Amazon.

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