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Talking Moo Mixer

talking moo mixer

We will not tell anyone, just go ahead and order one for yourself. Are you still addicted to chocolate milk or strawberry milk like so many of us manly men? You can admit it, it is not a weakness. Ready to have a little extra fun mixing up that glass of milk for yourself or you can claim it is for the kids? The Talking Moo Mixer is one of those 100% unnecessary delights we all want. Your glass mounts to the mixer. You add milk, you chocolate syrup, and push a button to watch the milk spin up a great glass of chocolate goodness and at the same time it “Moos” at you.

Everyone is going to tell you this is just a toy, but we know the truth. It is a necessity of adding fun to your favorite breakfast beverage. Just remember to have your glass finished before the kids show up for breakfast. You can grab one of these fun mixers for $15 online.

Via Hog Wild Toys