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Whiskey Barrel Coffee

whiskey barrel coffee

What foods go together seamlessly in your mind? French fries and ketchup. Marshmallows, Hershey’s Chocolate, and Graham crackers. Pancakes and maple syrup. Whiskey and Coffee. Ok, maybe not everyone likes a touch of whiskey in their coffee, but that is probably because they never tried it. Whiskey Barrel Coffee is a fantastic discovery you want to sample. The coffee beans have been infused with whiskey and then stored in whiskey bottles. That is not enough to make this company one of our new favorites, though. They continue the action by using a variety of whiskeys, adding chocolate, and other flavors to create a lineup of coffee beans that will leave you drooling.

The Whiskey Barrel Coffee collection comes from the Espresso Smith Coffee Company, and is one of the most sinister ways to burn away a hangover ever found.

Via Uncrate and Whiskey Barrel Coffee