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Alexander McQueen Medius Shoe by PUMA

puma medius

PUMA creates incredible shoes, but sometimes even they need a little extra inspiration. For this original design, PUMA turned to inspiration from the Fashion House of Alexander McQueen. The shoes sport a Union Jack flag artistically stitched into the uppers.

The shoes come in several color combinations including a white with red and blue stitching, the black with white stitching, and a black-tan combination with white stitching. The shoes retail for $230 through PUMA’s online store. The shoes not only look incredible, but with the leather uppers, strong rubber soles, and high-top design are very comfortable and perform great. You may not want to use them for a competitive basketball season, but to tear-up the town at night, they are hard to beat.

You can find the Medius in better shoe stores around the world.