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Nike Air Force 1 High Black And Gold

nike air force 1 high black gold

Dark black leather, gold highlights, massive comfort, performance like only Nike provides, that is what is encompassed in the Nike Air Force 1 High Black and Gold. What? You’re not a fan of that colour combination? You’re kidding. What do you want? This is the most amazing thing about ordering your own Nike Air Force 1 High, you can customize the shoe to look just like you want. This incredible look is just one way you can cook them up.

When you jump onto Nike’s Air Force 1 High shoe page you can start changing strap colours, upper colours, top colours, base colours, lace colours, and even choose different patterns. You can come up with a design that is all yours, or choose a standard design and save a few bucks. You will pay about $200 to $250 to choose your Nike Air Force 1 and get crazy. An fabulous value to have a shoe that performs, but still matches your personal style to the letter.

Via Nike