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Nike Lebron 11 Away

nike lebron 11 away

The NBA season is looming on the horizon. The return of Lebron to the court is imminent. Just in time of the action comes the new Lebron 11 Away featuring advanced use of Nike’s Hyperposite and Flywire technology. This pair of innovations from Nike allow them to create a shoe that is lighter in weight and stronger simultaneously. The bonded seamless materials allow variable strengths and thicknesses in key areas for stability in the right places, perfect flexibility, and floor grip. The Nike Lebron 11 Away is being launched with a black upper with startling red highlights and the ever present Nike White Swoosh.

The Nike Lebron 11 Away is slated to hit store shelves on November 1st, in time for you to start enjoying the NBA season.

Via High Snobiety and Nike Lebron