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Under Armour SpeedForm Running Shoes

under armour speedform

It had to happen. Under Armour has given the world the sleekest, slickest, most efficient sporting clothes to help us run faster, jump higher, stay warm, and stay in the game. Now they have turned their attention to our feet and in 100% Under Armour style. As anyone who has worn Under Armour knows, their clothes fit tight. They become a second skin that stays out of the way, remains light, and does its job. These incredible shoes, code named SpeedForm, bring the same minimalism to our feet. They fit tighter than any shoes in existence melding to your foot to give incredible feel and control. The design starts just under  your ankle and wraps your foot in a protective skin that gives complete freedom of movement and explosive capability.

If you love your Under Armour clothes, you need to take a close look at their new running shoes, the Under Armour SpeedFrom Running shoes. Innovative thinking has not hit a stand still at Under Armour.

Via Under Armour