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Vivobarefoot Synth Hiker Simulates Walking Barefoot


Light, open, airy, and effective are the goals everyone has been aiming for in the frenzy to produce a barefoot hiking boot, but until recently no one had produced anything you would desire. Vivobarefoot has. Their Synth Hiker Hiking Boot has a rugged, but light protective sole that can deter a rusty nail, but still gives you the feel of walking barefoot. The open gaps in the shoes uppers provide you with the open air feel that provides comfort and coolness. The uppers are made from rugged rainproof materials that help keep your feet dry when the rain decides to fall.

The shoes are even equipped with a v-lock clasping system so you can kick off the shoes and put them back on even when your hands are full of gear. The shoes start at just $99 on Amazon.






Via HiConsumption and Amazon