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Air-O-Swiss Travel Edition Ultrasonic Humidifier

air-o-swiss ultrasonic humidifier

Have you ever been in Phoenix in the dead of summer? You cough up sand the air is so dry. What about up in Canada in the dead of winter? The air in the hotels and homes is so dry dust blows out of your throat. The Air-O-Swiss travel edition Ultrasonic humidifier makes sure you can breathe with ease and stop blowing sand and dust out of your throat. This small humidifier packs safely in your suitcase or overnight bag taking up almost no room. You do not have a big water reservoir to tote along, so it stays light and easy to carry. The water reservoir is added when you get to your hotel room. Just grab a bottle of water, screw it on, and start up the humidifier. If it gets low, refill the bottle and keep going.

This handy humidifier works great to provide moisture for single room in your home or while you are on the road. You can get one for yourself for $39.99.

Via Air-O-Swiss