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Capify Snapbacks Are Social, Connected & Built For Sharing

capify social snapbacks

Capify Snapbacks (£10) have reinvented the tradional baseball cap by integrating a NFC tag within the cap’s lining enabling it to communication with any NFC smartphone to link to any user defined content. The system is so simple, letting you control what content your hat connects to via the cloud, on a browser on your phone or tablet or PC. Any of these ideas may be easily setup for the cap: Youtube videos, an Instagram feed, a new song on Spotify, a personal website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Examples of its practical uses are:

– For photographers and artists it provides a new and memorable way of introducing people to content with a simple tap of their phone.
– For musicians they can spread the word about their new the song.
– Sports fans can link to the team that they love, get a live feed of team scores, or even better use the hat at the team’s stadium to pay for refreshments or souvenirs.