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Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Massacre Trap

mosquito trap

Vishakan Shivasubramaniam researched what mosquitos target when they search for humans. He discovered they tracked humans and other animals by the carbon dioxide our bodies produce. This knowledge helped him design one of the cleverest mosquito traps we have ever seen. The trap uses yeast and sugar to create CO2 just like our bodies. The CO2 attracts the mosquitoes luring them through a tiny hole in the trap. Once inside the trap they are zapped by a powerful bug screen. Their dead bodies are trapped inside until you decide to open the trap and clean it out. You scent the trap with common yeast and sugar you can pick up at any grocery store.

Imagine the joy of having a simple device in your bedrooms that attract the mosquitoes away from you and massacres them instantly inside. The Vishakan Shivasubramaniam design has not hit major retailers yet, but we are keeping our eyes open watching for its appearance.






Via YankoDesign