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Are you a braggart? You want everyone to know how popular you are on Facebook? The FLIIKE by Smiirl tracks your number of Facebook Likes in real time and displays them on its flipping digital display. Why would you want to use a FLIIKE? Imagine a salesperson, politician, or public figure that can have their Facebook Likes displayed while they are talk to people. Imagine a store that can show their Likes climbing in their store and even offer their customers a Kiosk to login and “Like” their page to watch the numbers climb. This clever device is not just for people who are narcissistic, but for people who want to show the social proof of their popularity. The device taps into your WiFi to do live tracking of your Facebook page likes.

You can pre-order a FLIIKE for $390 on Smiirl’s page.

Via Smiirl