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iPhone 4 Stand Base by Marc Delmatto

iphone 4 stand: marc delmatto iphone 4 case

Marc Delmatto has created a functional and impressive looking base for holding your iPhone.  Delmatto is known for his insistence in using plexiglass in virtually all of his designs and this iPhone 4 base exhibits his passion. It is created almost completely of plexiglass. 

The gentle curves and ideal holding position of the base make it both useful and appealing.  Instead of laying your iPhone down on the desk while you take a hands free call just drop it into the base.  The touchscreen is still right at your fingertips ready for use.  The iPhone is positioned properly for talking.  Marc did a great job of making sure this clear piece of plexiglass did the job perfectly.

The cost of the Marc Delmatto iPhone 4 base is on $143 (depending on today’s exchange rates).   Marc’s Parisian style comes through clearly.

Via The Fancy – Can be purchased at Colette Eshop