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iXP3 Internet Message Clock

iXP3 internet message clock

Do you wish you could see messages pop-up from friends on a TV top box? What about putting a tiny device in your parents house so they can see messages from you even if they do not like using the internet? The iXP3 Internet Message Clock is a receive only messaging device which receives messages up to 200 characters long and displays them on a fun LED display.

The small device requires an internet connection to work, but that is the only requirement. It can hold up to 50 messages before you need to start clearing the memory. It does allow you to save up to four message permanently if you receive something special.

The device is also a highly accurate clock which updates from the internet and will display the current temperature for your city, too. If you have family members who never get online and your really wish you could send them messages, this might be the perfect answer. At a cost of only $40 and NO monthly fees it makes a great gift.

Messages can only be sent to the device through the iXP3 website, but it still makes a fun way to contact your internet handicapped friends.

Via MyiXP3