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nPower PEG Never Be Without a Charge Again

npower peg

Do you ever let your iPhone run out of power? The nPower PEG ($160) can remedy the issue. PEG stands for Personal Energy Generator. The nPower PEG builds up power as you move. It stores that energy in a battery which can them be used for power up your iPhone or other hand held electrical devices. Why let all of that extra energy you are building up go to waste when you could be storing it in the PEG. The nPower comes with an iGo cable, USB cable, and assorted other tips for many devices. You can buy additional charging tips if yours is not included in the starter bundle. The charger is priced at $159.99, making it one of the highest priced chargers around, but one of the only ones which does not require getting plugged in to work.  This would be a great addition for camping trips, backpackers, and people with active outdoor jobs.