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Siva Cycle Atom Power Source

siva cycle atom

Do you enjoy riding a bike? It is time to put those pumping legs to a secondary purpose. Instead of just getting from point A to point B on your bicycle, you can start charging your phone, a removable battery pack, lights, or other small devices. The Siva Cycle Atom is a miniature electric generator.

The Atom charges a set of lithium rechargeable batteries. The Siva generator has a USB charging port that give you a direct connection for your phone, media player, or other USB charged devices to grab a charge while you pedal around the park. Think how cool this is. You can charge your phone while you ride your bike to work. You can listen to music for an hour while you pedal your bike and still have a full charge on your phone.

The Siva Cycle Atom is a Kickstarter Project. You can reserve one for yourself by donating $95 or more.

Via KickStarter