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Sony Smart Shot Clip-on Cameras for Android and iPhone

Sony Smart Shot Camera Clip-Ons for iPhone Android Smartphones

Does your Droid have a wimpy 5 megapixel camera? How would you feel if you could upgrade that camera to the equivalent of the Sony Xperia, or a high-end Sony digital camera? Picture snapping photos at 18 megapixel with a zoom capable lens using your existing phone. This is the future that Sony is about to spring on the smartphone world. Their new Smart Shot clip-on cameras from Android phones and iPhones talks to the phone via wireless bluetooth using Sony’s own Smart Shot App. The $400+ anticipated price may send many people away, but consider this fact. You are paying less for a high-grade digital camera than you would buying a standalone, plus you only carry one gadget with you. How good are these cameras reported to be? The $450 QX-100 would transform your phone into a Sony RX100MII which sells for $750.

It is going to be fun to watch to see if Sony hits a home run with this cool device, or gets the cold shoulder strikeout from the buying public.







Via PhoneArena