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Trace Me Luggage Tracker

trace me luggage tracker tag

Are you always worried your checked baggage is going to disappear into the great unknown? It happens to 35 million bags every year with almost 6 million of them never being returned to the owner. Imagine what you might lose when it happens to you. The Trace Me Luggage Tracker system is a way for you to take charge and reduce the risk of not getting your bags back.

The Trace Me Luggage Trackers are a simple additional tag you add to your bags made of tough plastic material which carries a special serial number and barcode specific to you. When you buy your Trace Me trackers you register them on their website providing your mobile phone number and an email address. Airport baggage departments can then scan the barcode or enter the serial number into their own location system worldwide. Trace Me is notified of your baggage being found and you receive an immediate text message and email telling you exactly where you baggage is and how to claim it.

You do not have to become a victim to the massive numbers of lost bags which occur every day.  You can help safeguard your possession by using the Trace Me Luggage Tracker system for approximately $20 through the Trace Me website.