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Voltaic USB Touchlight

voltaic usb touchlight

Voltaic is best known for their line-up of high quality USB chargers, USB batteries, Solar Chargers. The new Voltaic USB Touchlight may quickly become their most popular product. The Touch Light is a small LED Light housed in a high-tech metallic casing. The light has three brightness settings running from 50 Lumens up to 175 Lumens, providing you with enough light for a small room or a tent.

There are several intriguing features of the Touchlight. It is powered by USB. This means you can power it from the USB port on your computer, an AC USB charger, a USB portable battery, or even the USB charging port in your car. The light can run over 20 hours using one of Voltaics V11 USB batteries. Imagine bundling the Voltaic Touchlight, the V11 battery, and the Voltaic 2 Watt Solar Charger as part of your camping or outdoor fun kit. You could have power light to carry you through the night, and then recharge your battery using the sun the next day.

Another of the cool features is the Touchlight is 100% waterproof. You can dunk the light into a pitcher of water and it keeps running. That is another great reason to add one of these little lights to your outdoor fun pack. The Touchlight is easy to position, too. You can hang it using your USB cable, or use the included flex cable to set the light up as a mini desklamp.

The Voltaic Touchlight sells for $35 on the Voltaic Website. You can grab the Touchlight, V11 battery, and 2 watt charger for well under $100.

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