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8-Bit Super Mario Playing Cards


Do you remember back when you were a kid and you stumbled upon Super Mario on an original Nintendo game machine. (Ok, you young guys, quit laughing, this is serious stuff.) Can you remember those clunky looking graphics bouncing across the screen that we thought were the coolest thing in the world? Nintendo decided to bring back a little piece of that history just for us. In a very unusual move for an electronics and gaming company, Nintendo has released a set of playing cards. Not just any average set of playing cards, but ones inspired by that original Super Mario that changed the world.

The 8-Bit Super Mario Playing cards are adorned with those clunky looking graphics that stole hours of our time when we should have been studying, working, or as Mom would have said, “Go outside and play!” Luckily for us, we knew the real future of the world was going to be digital so we kept banging away at Super Mario until we were perfect. Now you can take that same attitude, and the same look, and play a game of poker, Go Fish, or if you’re feeling a little lonely, a quick game of solitaire.

These retro 8-bit Super Mario playing cards from Nintendo sell for $16.95 on Amazon. It might be a little higher than other playing cards, but what other deck of cards is going to bring back such fond memories?

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