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Alienware Steam Machine Preps to Change Gaming Forever

alienware steam machine

Steam Powered is a big statement in the gaming world and for good reason. Steam has managed to capture the hearts of players around the world with their combination of paid and free online play. Their Steam OS is taking the experience to the next level and now they have a hardware partner that is going to launch them into direct competition with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Alienware is renowned for being the pinnacle of gaming computers, and now they are creating a Steam Machine that is about the same size as a game console, will be priced similarly, and gives you the entire library of Steam at  your fingertips right in your living room using your big screen TV.

The Alienware Steam Machine was announced just before the 2014 CES and is expected to launch in late 2014 to a worldwide market. The decision on which game deck to buy just became much harder.

Via Dell’s Alienware Division