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Backgammon by Alexandra Llewellyn

backgammon alexandra llewellyn

Backgammon is a game for sophisticated gentlemen, like us. Of course, if we are going to play a sophisticated game, we need an incredibly sophisticated playing surface. When you desire to take backgammon to the next level, there is no one else to turn to except Alexandra Llewellyn.

Alexandra Llewellyn designs incredible Backgammon boards. The Butterfly is one of a great example. the blue rectangles are created with a series of blue butterflies decreasing in size. The wooden case is created out of ironwood and uses gold-plated hinges and fasteners. The playing pieces are crafted out of aluminum and then colored in antique gold and ceramic black. The dice cups are turned out of rosewood and lined with felt to keep the clatter down. The dice cups even include a small lip to make sure the dice tumble and don’t just slide out of the cup.

Every inch of the Butterfly, or any other Alexandra Llewellyn backgammon board, are beautiful and luxurious. You’ll feel like you are a rich oil baron playing a game with your cronies with this cool boards, and with a price tag of 2100 GBP, it should.

Make sure you check out the other backgammon boards by Alexandra including the Pheasant, Nude, and Louisa Table. They are all equally impressive.

backgammon alexandra llewellyn

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