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Need for Speed Rivals

need for speed rivals

Our dreams of driving the hottest cars in the world is about to come true. Need for Speed Rivals is taking driving games to a place they have never ventured before. The graphics from the new game engine and EA is incredible. The cars do not only look real, they move in real world fashion. The sounds are a match for real life. The only thing that does not feel real is climbing into the car.

Great ready to immerse yourself in one of the greatest driving experiences found a game deck or computer ever. This is just one more way to whet your appetite to own a car and race wildly through the streets and around tracks breaking speed records and watching out for the police to pull you over. Maybe getting insane in a car is better with Need for Speed Rivals than in real life, because at least this time, you still get to sleep in your own bed after getting caught doing 200MPH in a 30MPH Zone. You can place your pre-orders for this hot new game now.

Via Need For Speed