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Steam Controller

steam controller

The news out of Steam this year is phenomenal. Their continual addition of new game titles. Their upcoming release of the Steam Machine, and now their latest announcement is the Steam Controller designed to work with both their upcoming living room system and any Steam powered system. The controller replaced the keyboard and mouse, or gamepad, you use for playing computer games now and provides you with an experience unmatched in the industry. Steam uses two circular touchpads for high precision control and a series of buttons for all your essential commands. The center of the controller includes a touch sensitive LCD, but you may never look at it. Steam overlays the commands on your TV or PC screen when required with their Steam Engine menus so you can keep your head in the game while executing commands.

Steam then took force feedback to a new level. They have built-in two force engines that are designed to work in harmony to provide and unbelievable array so sensory feedback possibilities and can even produce sound. You can jump in line to be a beta tester by visiting Steam.

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