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2 Second Pop Up Tents

pop up tent quechua

Have you ever raced with your buddies setting up your tents on a camp out? You were probably shocked when one of the guys had his tent up and ready in 2 or 3 minutes. Are you ready to kick his rear? With the Quechua Pop Up Tents the contest is over almost as soon as it started. Your tent will be ready for you to climb into in two seconds. You just flip a wrist, set it down, and climb in. Imagine the contest, Ready, Set, Go, Done. All the guys will spin around to see what the heck just happened, just in time to see you crawling into your tent. Admittedly, it takes a little longer to stake the tent down if you want a little added stability, and takes more time to refold it, but two seconds to set it up is amazing.

If you want to have your tent setup before the second raindrop can hit the ground, checkout the entire line of Quechua 2-Second tents.

Via Quechua