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Baladeo All Black 34 Grams Pocket Knife

all black 34 grams pocket knife

Baladeo is famous for their high quality outdoor gear, and this knife is no exception. The All Black 34 Grams Pocket Knife is not just a marketing name. This 4.33″ long knife tips the scale at only 34grams, or 1.2 ounces. You might be worried that a featherweight knife like this is going to be fragile, but you have nothing to worry about. Baladeo manufactures this knife out of titanium to make sure it holds a razor sharp edge and is extremely rugged even though it is light.

Baladeo reduced the weight of the knife through clever design. Take a close look at the folding handle. It is created with large cutouts to reduce the weight of the knife while still protecting the blade edge and your hands. The handle is curved to comfortably fit your hand and lock it in place while you cut your game or carve a stick.

The knife has a microdente surface which helps you cut through tough items that need a slight sawing action. The knife is the perfect lightweight knife to drop in a pants pocket or your backpack to keep your load light and have the power you need.

Via CoolMaterial and Baladeo