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Cosmic Blue AirFlow 2 Helmet by BMW

cosmic blue airflow 2 helmet bmw

BMW has been creating great motorcycle helmets for over 20 years and this latest addition to their product lineup is fantastic. One of the biggest faults with most helmets is heat. Your head burns up on the inside of the helmet due to limited ciruculation.

The original AirFlow helmets from BMW did a great job of getting air to your head while remaining strong. The new AirFlow 2 Helmet replaces the screened venting with louvered vents that provide even more airflow for cooler riding. When you choose this Cosmic Blue AirFlow 2 Helmet you not only feel cooler, but you look incredibly cool. The bright colors match up with the color options sliding out of the BMW motorcycle factory to make sure you and your motorcycle can ride in style.

The helmets are priced at $470, but for the incredible comfort, coolness, and strength of a BMW helmet, that is very reasonable. .