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Pocket Chainsaw

pocket chainsaw

Guys, if you enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, or mountain biking, you have ran into times when you ran across logs, broken trees, and other wooden obstacles in your path. Don’t you wish there was an easy way to rip them apart? The Pocket Chainsaw from Supreme Products is the perfect answer. You can saw through a tiny tree in just a few seconds with this cool human powered saw.

Supreme Products did an example video of their Pocket Chainsaw cutting down a standing tree out in a field. The tree was about 6″ in diameter and the entire video (actual time to cut) lasts only 14 seconds. That is 14 seconds from the first pull on the saw until the tree tumbles to the ground. You cannot cut it with a gas powered chainsaw any faster. On the other hand, with a gas powered chainsaw your arms won’t be tired, but who is going to carry a real chainsaw in their pocket down a rugged mountain path while hiking or camping?

The pocket chainsaw sells for just $29.99. Make sure before you order one of these saws that you warn all of your neighbors to leave their broken branches hanging. You are going to want to get out in the yard and play with your new toy.

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