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Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoes


This winter has started with a rampage. Bitter cold weather descended on us with fury. Deep snow piled up in record setting amounts in many regions of the US and other areas of the world. How prepared were you to deal with getting stranded? Imagine the difficulty of walking a mile to get help in deep snow in your sneakers or dress shoes. Now imagine how much easier it would be if you could reach your glove box, inflate a pair of snowshoes that made it easy to walk on the snow instead of sinking knee deep with every step. These amazing snowshoes at named Small Foot for their tiny size and the tiny storage space required to carry them.

The Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoe is also the perfect addition to backpacks for winter hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. You can learn more about the Small Foot on their webpage.








Via Bless This Stuff and Small Foot