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Southern Grind GranDaddy Machete

grandaddy machete southern grind

When does a knife graduate from being a knife to being a machete? At 16 7/8 inches long the GranDaddy knife might put a few machetes to shame. The blade is a full 11″ long. The knife is ground to an incredible level of sharpness with that special Southern Grind touch. Even the included sheath is tough. The sheath is skeleton face fast pull sheath to make sure you can whip the knife out quickly to whack away the brush or to clean that massive flat-head catfish you pulled out to lake. The sheath includes an adjustable leg tie to make sure the knife does not flop around as you walk.

The knife’s micarta handle with a laser etched finish gives you a firm grip for your hardest cutting and chopping chores. The knife retails for $150 from Southern Grind. If you have been looking for that idea hunting or fishing knife that can double as machete, the GranDaddy is up for the task.

Via Southern Grind