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Speed Resistance Training Parachute

speed resistance training parachute

You have seen Olympians, NFL receivers, and top speed athletes using speed resistance training parachutes on TV and in magazines. Now you can grab the same training edge these top athletes use.

Speed training chutes give you an incredible workout due to their variable resistance. The harder and faster you run the more resistance you get. As you train and become stronger it continues to challenge you even harder. Do you want to feel what a top sprinter feels when he explodes out of the blocks? Take off running with the chute and then pull the fast release to explode out of your shoes like a Bolt.

Training parachutes are one of the best investments in training gear, too. You can grab a chute for under $20 and it will last for years. You can head out in the backyard, on the sidewalk, to the park, or on the track at the gym with your chute and build power and speed quickly. If you become too strong, don’t worry. SKLZ has a double parachute model to bring you back down to earth.

If you choose to harness it on to small kids, remember to choose a windless day. You might find yourself chasing your child down the street as a wind gust grabs them and speeds them away. As a final benefit, you can tell all your friends and co-workers you are getting ready to parachute again. They will all think you have become an incredible daredevil.

Via GearCulture and SKLZ