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Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V

survival grenade kit

Sorry men. The Survival Grenade Kit by Rocky S2V does not explode, implode, or detonate in any way, but it still can save your life. This small survival kit can be clipped onto your belt loop, your backpack, or stuffed into your glove box. Even though the kit is small and easy to carry, it is still packed with a ton of survival goodies.

The Survival Grenade includes all of the following items:

  • Needle
  • 10 feet of 550 Military Grade Cord
  • Fire Started and Tinder
  • Knife Blade
  • Fishing hooks, weights, and swivels.
  • Tin Foil
  • Wire

The pieces are all carefully wrapped inside the card to make sure it stays safe and compact. The kits are available in green or  or a dark olive. Imagine how handy this kit would be if you were stuck on a trail, or your car broke down in a wilderness area. You could fish for food. You can use the cord to string up protection from the weather, create a snare, or other useful tasks. The knife allows you to cut your captures, cut twigs for starting a fire, and more. The tin foil doubles as a cooking utensil or signal mirror.  The needle lets you quickly make simple clothing repairs.

The Survival Grenade Kit is only $18.99 through the Rocky S2V website.

survival grenade kit

survival grenade kit

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