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crranky opener keys

Crranky Skull Bottle Opener

No man should ever leave home without a bottle opener. You never know when a beer, soda, or other refreshing beverage may need to be consumed in an extreme thirst emergency. The Crranky Skull Bottle Opener is a classic way for you to be prepared.

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Silver Cross Surf & Aston Martin Edition Stroller

Who said parenthood doesn’t come with some awesome perks. Now all us guys can brag about transporting your little one in this awesome stroller by Silver Cross Surf & Aston Martin (~$2600 USD). For generations the British have brought us some some incredible designs, engineering,

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Minecraft Night Light Display, Perfect for Any Addict

After a several sleepless nights, a motivated Minecraft player would be capable of building quite an impressive dwelling to protect them from those creatures of the night. For those of you who actually spent the night by the computer and wanted to fall asleep to

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Creaseless Shirt Shuttle MK2

Yes we travel and yes we need to always have a shirt on hand, but common, how easy is it to pack a shirt without it getting creased? It’s pretty much impossible, at least for us. The Creaseless Shirt Shuttle MK2 ($62 USD) will conveniently

baldwin denim mens wallet

Baldwin Denim Men’s Wallet

Guys, are you ready for a wallet tough as denim?  The Baldwin Denim Men’s Wallet ($78) is tough, handsome, and functional, which sounds a lot like you. The core of the wallet is created from high-quality strong denim fabric which can take years of abuse. On

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Grocery Bag Brass Knuckles

Do you shop for groceries in a rough neighborhood? Do you hate the way heavy grocery bags cut into your hands as you carry them? You can protect your hands and be ready to rumble with this fascinating idea out of Asia, the Grocery Bag

baxter porter grooming kit

Baxter & Porter Grooming Kit

When you are out exploring the world, nothing beats having your home grooming essentials. Forgetting your nail clippers or tweezers when in dire need proves to be a royal pain. On that note, Baxter of California teams up with Porter to create the only grooming


J&D’s Baconlube

Yeah, that’s what I thought, who would buy this? Who knows, maybe if you and your intimate partner love the taste of bacon you can indulge in some bacon tasted lube. J&D’s Baconlube is a water-based massage oil and personal lubricant that tastes like the

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The Ultimate Hammer Tool

This has to qualify as one of the best gifts for men ever.  What guy in his right mind does not want to be able to carry a hammer, flat screwdriver, knife, saw, scissors, philips screwdriver, and a wedge?  You know you want one an