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Crranky Skull Bottle Opener

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No man should ever leave home without a bottle opener. You never know when a beer, soda, or other refreshing beverage may need to be consumed in an extreme thirst emergency. The Crranky Skull Bottle Opener is a classic way for you to be prepared. The fun skull design makes it 100% clear that you are 100% man, a man who knows how to attack a bottle of his favorite beer.

The small thin shape makes it easy to carry in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, or even tuck it into the credit card section of your wallet. The Crranky Skull Bottle Opener is made out of 16 gauge brushed stainless steel and includes a 6 inch steel cable chain to make it easy to add to your key chain. The Skull Bottle Opener comes packaged in an impressive artistic skull package. It would make a great gift idea for any of your buddies who enjoy skull themes or live a little on the wild side.

You may get visions of being a Hell’s Angel carrying this bottle opener around in your pocket. Just keep in mind, kids will think this bottle opener is incredibly cool and it may turn into a bottle opener for Coke, 7up, and Orange soda. Maybe you better buy two to be safe. At only $19.99, you can afford to get a couple.

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