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CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey Combo

calypsocase calypsokey

Have you always thought it was cool the way hotels had fun ways to get into your room and into special guest areas? It makes you wonder why we are still stuck with keys at home instead of a cool system like that. CalypsoCrystal has come to our rescue with the CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey Combo.

The CalypsoCase all by itself is special. It is a high-quality phone case that wraps your phone in gentle comfort with the smooth interior and protects it with high-grade leather on the outside. It is held together with titanium, giving it an extra tough of strength and beauty. The case is available in a variety of beautiful colors and is available for the iPhone 4, 4s, and 5.

The real magic happens when you choose to get your case with the CalypsoKey. You add the key mechanism to your door, and then when you come home, you just hold your phone near the lock and it unlocks magically for you using NFC (near field communication). The CalypsoCase integrate a dual-band RFID antenna so you have all your bases covered.

Now which do you think is cooler, and plastic card to open a door, or an iPhone equipped with a CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey combo. Just think, you don’t even have to worry about the silly card. You just need to carry your phone with you and you are ready to unlock the door. The combo retails for 129 Euro.

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