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Concrete Ping Pong Dining Table by James De Wulf

ping pong dining table james de wulf

James De Wulf has a interesting outlook on combining dinner and entertainment. He starts off by taking concrete and transforming it into a shining, incredibly strong, Ping Pong table. The large table is built with an inch thick plate of concrete creating a full-sized ping pong table surface. The table top is mounted on two large rectangular sets of legs, also created from concrete.

At first glance, you might suspect the table is a granite  or marble dining room table. The finished surface of the table shines and glistens in the light. The beauty of the table makes it a great dining room, or rec room eating table. All you need to do is add chairs and you are ready to host dinner. The table is available in several finishes ranging from a white marble appearance to darker brown granite.

Imagine your guests surprise when after dinner you pull away the chairs, setup the net, and challenge them to game. The table is not inexpensive. It retails for $7700 dollars. Keep in mind, this heavy duty table is going to outlast your traditional dining room table and ping pong table, plus make a powerful design statement in your home.

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