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Hydraulic Storage Bed by BoConcept

hydraulic storage bed boconcept

Okay guys, it is time to admit it. You stuffed things under the mattress including those magazines. You hoped mom would never find them, but she probably did. If you have only had a Hydraulic Storage Bed by BoConcept you could  have collected ever issue of “that magazine”, and kept them stuffed safely below the mattress. Your mom would have never figured out you had a secret hiding place big enough for hundreds of magazine, a case of soft drinks, and a box of snacks.

The Hydraulic Storage Bed is the size of a long twin mattress at 35.5″ wide and 80″ long. It is built with solid oak veneers that are stained black. The top of the bed creates a cover for the storage area and equipped with two hydraulic assists to make it easy to raise and lower the mattress.

Now obviously, you do not need to hide your collection of magazines any longer. This bed is still are real treasure. You use the bed in a small guest room and have added storage that is out of sight. It makes a great bed for kids. They can store toys inside and reduce the clutter. You might even want to throw one in your recreation room for naps, extra storage, and lounging around on when watching TV. The beds retail for $1695, including the mattress.