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Slate Table Top Fireplace

slate tabletop fireplace

Where do you want to have a fireplace in your home? With the Slate Table Top Fireplace designed by Gido Wahrmann you can have one in any room in the house and move it when you desire. Imagine having this beautiful fireplace in the living room for a relaxing evening at home. Then you can take the fireplace to the bedroom for a romantic evening.

When you have guests over for dinner you can take this stylish fireplace into the dining room or out on the deck for an evening party. The black slate base looks great anywhere and provides enough weight and support to make sure it stays in place. The criss-crossed stainless steel oil lamp logs add a unique eye appeal to the fireplace. It will be a great attention grabber in any room and offers you a great fiery focal point.

This is not a large fireplace. The slate base is only 10” x 14” with the stainless steel lamps being 7.5” long. The fireplace is imported to the USA and is available for $365 through Yanko Design.