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The Coziest Chair You Will Ever Find by Aga Brzostek

chair with integral blanket aga brzostek

If you live in Canada, you can relate to how cold it can get, like today for instance, -28C feels like -38C, totally unreasonable weather. On that note, we discovered this incredibly comfy looking chair with an integrated blanket, conceptualized by Polish fashion and interior designer Aga Brzostek. Inspired by her own experience in both design and the fashion industry, she applied her skills of fabric and design to create this wonderful piece of furniture.

Structured from hard foam and covered in softer foam for comfort, the chair is dressed using reclaimed wool. The cover is easily removable and adjustable, so washing comes easy. Though we do not think this chair will be for sale, we still think its an awesome piece of furniture.

via Dezeen & photography credit by Marek Kowalski