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226 Most Memorable Seinfeld Moments

226 most memorable seinfeld moments

Can you believe it has been almost 15 years since the last episode of Seinfeld aired? It has been over 24 years since the first episode of this amazing comedy hit the airwaves and changed network television forever. Seinfeld has remained one of the most popular shows in syndication. An amazing feat for a show that was “about nothing”, as Jerry Seinfeld always liked to say.

It is time for us to take a look back at the 9 incredible seasons starring our favorite characters, Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, the unforgettable Cosmo Kramer, and we would hate to leave out the evil neighbor, Newman. We have collected 226 of our favorite stills from the show. Look through them and see how many of these scenes you can remember. Take a minute and leave us a comment on your favorite scene, or share with us a note about your favorite episode. You might even want to share your favorite clip with your friends, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

You might want to run out and grab a bowl of soup from the “Soup Nazi” before you sit down to enjoy all 226 pictures, unless of course you are on the “no soup for you” list. Ok, enough of this “yada, yada, yada”, it is time to get on with the fun.

226 – A bra is for ladies. Meet… the bro.

a bra is for ladies meet the bro

225 – A festivus for the rest of us.

a festivus for the rest of us

224 – A gymnast Jerry! Think of the flexibility. Mmmm…that sex will melt your face.

a gymnast jerry think of the flexibility mmm that sex will melt your face

223 – Ahhh!


222 – Alright lets go. I’ll give ya half an hour.

alright lets go ill give ya hald an hour

221 – Algae obviously.

algae obviously plankton i dont know what else i can tell you oh i just got back from a trip to the galapagos islands i was living with the turtles

220 – An alliance!

an alliance

219 – And by the way there real and there spectacular.

and by the way there real and there spectacular

218 – Another bobka!

another bobka

217 – At ten cents a bottle and ten cents a can were pulling in five hundred dollars a man.

at ten cents a bottle and ten cents a can were pulling in five hundred dollars a man

216 – Astronaut.


215 – Assman, oh no these don’t belong to me im not the assman. I think there’s been a mistake.

assman oh no these dont belong to me im not the assman i think theres been a mistake

214 – Apparently the glue in the wedding invitations was…ah toxic.

apparently the glue in the wedding invitations was ah toxic

213 – Anyways, sorry again about the.

anyway sorry again about the

212 – Babu bhatt did it!

babu bhatt did it