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Backyard Theater System

backyard theater system

Drive-In theaters were great, but the newest rage sweeping the nation is Backyard Theater Systems. These system give you the ability to show movies to a yard full of guests on a huge screen and startlingly clear sound system. Imagine all of your neighbors and friends dragging their lawn chairs to your home for an evening of soft drinks, beer, popcorn, and great entertainment. One of the finest systems on the market is Cinebox 16×9 Inflatable Backyard Theater. Yes, that is 16 feet wide by 9 feet tall. Everyone in the yard will have a great view of the movie and with the high-powered sound system they will not miss a sound either.

Surprisingly, this system is priced at under $3500 including the screen, the DVD player, sound system, projection system, and all of the cables you need. Ready to become the number one place on your block for fun parties? Grab one of these cool theater systems and let the fun begin.

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