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Bacon Soap – Getting Clean Never Smelled So Delicious

bacon soap

The smell of bacon wafts through the air stirring your hunger and getting your mouth watering. You can almost hear the sizzling bacon, or is that the sound of your shower? Outlaw Soaps has created the most delicious smelling soap we have run into, Bacon Soap. The soap looks like bacon and smells like bacon. Thankfully, it does not feel like bacon when your rub it on your skin. The bar may look and smell like bacon, but it is a solid bar of high-quality soap that will get your clean. The only problem we foresee using Bacon Soap is all the hungry looks you will get from women and perhaps a few dogs.

Bacon Soap comes wrapped in burlap, just like a slap of fresh bacon. You can order the soap through Outlaw Soaps for $12.

Via Joe’s Daily and Outlaw Soaps