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Dual-Mount Shot Tender Liquor Dispenser

dual-mount liquor dispenser

Caution, extreme party accessory! The Dual-Mount Shot Tender Liquor Dispenser is a party just waiting to happen. When you pull out the dispenser, attach it to the edge of a desk or kitchen table, and insert a liter bottle of your favorite liquor, it is not going to go unnoticed. All of your friends are going to see that as an invitation to let the party begin.

The Dual-Mount Shot Tender is designed to screw down to a table or desk as one option, or you can attach it to the wall as a convenient life-saver. If you are going to mount yours to the wall, we suggest getting a appropriate sing to hang with it. A sign with the saying “Keep Calm – Have a Drink” or “No Working During Drinking Hours”, would seem perfect.

The Shot Tender comes from The Good Life on Campus, but it will be just as big a hit beside your pool, on a picnic table, or hung on a wall beside your billiards table. Of course, depending on the quality of your booze, that billiards table might be called a pool table instead.┬áThis fun party and drinking accessory is only $22.99. The real cost is the added fun you’ll have with friends, which might lead to those bottles going empty a little faster.

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