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Grip Tray

grip tray

Are you a juggler? Sometimes trying to carry glasses into our guests with a kitchen tray makes us wonder if we should practice our juggling skills. The glasses icy wet bottoms start them sliding and as we adjust the other glasses break free to slide the opposite direction. Joseph Joseph creates innovative solutions to simple home products and the Grip Tray is one of their coolest. The created a simple metal tray with holes, but not for drainage. They molded a rubber bottom to the tray with the rubber molding through the holes to create a zero slip surface for the plates and glasses you carry. You can walk from the kitchen to the living room with confidence with no juggling skills require. You can even spin as you deliver the drinks and they stay right in place. A great product to transform you from juggler to skilled host.

The tray sells on Joseph Joseph for $24.99

Via Joseph Joseph