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Periodic Tableware

periodic tableware

Every date is an experiment. Every new delicious recipe takes time in your kitchen laboratory to perfect. Are you ready to have real chemistry with your guest for that next candle light dinner? You can by setting the table with your own Periodic Tableware. Imagine the look of confusion on your dates face as they see the table set with a laboratory flask filled with wine, a petri dishes filled with condiments, beakers sitting carefully at both of your place settings ready to be filled with wine. When she looks at you in confusion just grin and say “I thought we had real chemistry, and wanted to share the feeling with you.” You may want to have a couple lab coats handy to wear for the dinner, too.

This fantastic Periodic Tableware is being produced as part of another great KickStarter project. You can get involved with the project and reserve your spot for some of this cool lab tableware for just $40.

Via KickStarter