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Pillow Talk Cases

pillow talk pillowcases

Has the battle begun in your home? Every new relationship begins the battle of who gets what spot in the bed. There is your side, her side, and as every man knows, the line blurs according to her mood. It is time for you to make a bold statement, to lay down the law, and to get a few laughs from the real boss in the house. This set of Pillow Talk Cases from Not On The High Street, make it clear that “This My Side” and “That is Your Side”, but don’t expect this to realign your sleeping districts.

If that is not the message you want to send, you may need to switch to another of their classic pillowcases like “Mr” and “Mrs” pillows, or to be safe you may want to go with the “WE” pillowcases. Or if you are really smart, you’ll get the truthful pillowcases and make both sides her side. You know she’ll sleep where she wants and you will never complain.

Via Not On The High Street