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Polluted Drinking Glasses

polluted drinking glasses

What kind of toxic beverages do you like to swill down when you feel dead from work? Do you collapse into a heap of bones drinking some Agent Orange, a PainKiller, or a little Grog from some unknown depths? Maybe you are a little farther gone than that and you suck down a Zombie, some Hangman’s Blood, or a Corpse Reviver. No matter what polluted, toxic, vicious beverage you choose these Polluted Drinking  Glasses will tell the story with perfection. The toxic symbol on the side of the glass waste barrels make it clear you are chugging down some seriously evil bile.

These cool bar glasses are available in two packs from Amazon for around $12. If  you want to get that wicked green look just mix up a batch of Green Goblin and toss in a couple of frozen green jello shots. That should get your toxic party underway.

Via Amazon