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Stainless Steel Easy Slicer for Pineapples

easy pineapple slicer

If you love pineapples as much as us, you probably hate slicing them just about as much. Using a standard kitchen knife to cut off the top, bottom, peel the sides, remove the core, and then slice your pineapple takes time and leaves juice dripping all over the counter. This stainless steel pineapple easy slicer eliminates a job that takes five to ten minutes and gives you back a 30 second job. You still need to slice off the top of the pineapple, but then with just a couple twists of your wrist the entire pineapple is cored, sliced into perfect rings, and ready to eat. The cleanup is almost non-existent since excess juices and the core stay inside the pineapple peel.

You can cut out all that strenuous work for under $5 on Amazon. That price makes you wonder why you would ever cut a pineapple with a knife again.

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