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Stovetop Smoker

stovetop smoker

Horror of horrors, summer is quickly coming to a close and those cool wet days of fall are about to arrive. Smoking our favorite foods outdoors is going to disappear as cold creeps in, but who cares. The Stovetop Smoker from Camerons allows us to take a relaxed view as outdoor smoking and grilling season winds down. We can now keep on smoking right on our stove top. This heavy steel pan and grilling tray provides an easy way to smoke chicken breasts, fish, and other small delights inside with no issues of smoking up the house. The smoke stays confined to the small pan fusing with your meats and not clouding your home. Admittedly, you are not going to smoke a side of rib or an entire turkey in this pan, but you can keep your smoking barbecue passion alive on the coldest days of winter.

You can grab a Camerons Stovetop Smoker on Amazon for $32.95.

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